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Our “Hot Dog” edge protector has a V or U internal section (customizable in width and height). The rounded finish, with a very pleasing aesthetics and a little invasive footprint (only 3 cm), make the “Hot Dog” a valid alternative to traditional L-shaped edge protectors.

“Hot Dog” appear to be effective as: protections for rolling, protections for protrusions, protections for profiles, protections for edges, protections for shelves, protections for glass tables.

These particular edge protectors have a good shock absorption capacity, they are repellent to all substances, anti-mold and antibacterial. Particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor use: homes, sports facilities, gyms, gardens, industry, schools and accommodation facilities.

Codex srl

Codex S.r.l. provides the best solutions for anti-shock padding protections, many of them equipped with patents.

We are particularly active in Italy, where are located our offices, but also abroad.


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