Safety protections

Water resistant

We produce protective paddings resistant to water and to other atmospheric agents.

Extremely flexible

Thanks to its flexible material, Onda and Maxionda can be easily and quickly applied to every support.

Non-toxic materials

Used materials are non-toxic and SVHC free. They are realized in compliance with EU regulations.

Various colors

Our padding protections are available in many colors: blue, green, red, yellow, white, orange, black, grey.

Fireproof materials

Our protective paddings are made of fireproof materials, based on EU certifications.

Custom solutions

We provide standard and custom solutions, considering the client requests.

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Protective paddings


Codex has been on the market for more than 40 years. At the beginning we payed specific attention to the production of educational materials for nursery schools and primary schools.

With the passing of time has arisen the need to create and develop new products for different uses, with particular attention to the safety and health of the users.

Now we produce a wide range of aids and protective paddings, supporting the design to in-depth studies and research on raw materials.

Since 1996 Codex provides endless solutions for solving any requirement concerning the safety of indoor and outdoor spaces of accommodation, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, gyms, green areas and workplaces.

Codex designs and manufactures both standard and tailored solutions to specific and targeted interventions for newly built or existing structures requiring adjustments to current regulations. Today, Codex is a well-established company, both nationally (Italy) and internationally, as part of the production of protective paddings for safety and accident prevention.


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Codex srl

Codex S.r.l. provides the best solutions for anti-shock padding protections, many of them equipped with patents.

We are particularly active in Italy, where are located our offices, but also abroad.


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