Column padding

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Column padding

Onda and Maxionda are the best shockproof padding protections, ideal for covering columns of any size and diameter. The particular wave section allows to distribute the impact between the various concave lateral spaces, thus dampening the power.

The material used for the columns padding is the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (E.V.A.), available in non-toxic or fireproof version.

Our shockproof column pads can be applied in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Especially suitable in highly frequented environments such as sports facilities, schools, accommodation facilities and workplaces.

Both Onda and Maxionda are certified and tested in accordance with UNI EN 913 certification.

Codex srl

Codex S.r.l. provides the best solutions for anti-shock padding protections, many of them equipped with patents.

We are particularly active in Italy, where are located our offices, but also abroad.


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